About Us

BizNet-Global is an online business and legal information service developed by CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd, with content provided by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), and the Supreme Court and Subordinate Courts of Singapore. An authoritative repository of business and financial data of Singapore companies and individual, it is utilized by professional from cross-functional industries to manage credit risks, target prospects, monitor competitors and support their business due diligence programmes. With the provision of litigation data, BizNet-Global is one of the leading providers of comprehensive due diligence management solution in Singapore.

BizNet-Global extended its services to include conferences and workshops in 2009 to provide business professional a comprehensive business solution.

CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd delivers world-class eGovernment solutions by leveraging on best-practice technologies, quality human capital and global experiences. Our proven track record of end-to-end eGovernment solutions span across trade facilitation and customs, judiciary, tax, healthcare, and IT security domains. With two decades of experience in developing and managing nationwide, mission-critical IT systems and services in a Public-Private Partnership model, CrimsonLogic has set industry standards with world-first eGovernment solutions such as TradeNet, eStamping, eJudiciary and CertOfOrigin.

For more information, please visit www.crimsonlogic.com.